How to Find the Top Spinal Surgeon in LA

Spinal pain can be caused by various things. For example, a sport injury when you were younger might limit mobility. If you fall or are in a car accident, this can cause spinal fluid leaks or other issues. Or, if you are born with a birth defect, this can cause compression of the discs which leads to severe back pain. No matter what the root of your pain is, when it began, or what led to you feeling excessive pain, the sooner you have the issues addressed, the easier it is going to be for the right team to treat the pain. 

With the right diagnosis, the team at will

  • Provide you with a clear cut solution for your back pain
  • Help you decide if surgery is the solution
  • Learn of alternatives to surgery
  • Figure out if and when you should operate
  • Determine the best plan of action if you require surgery

Some older patients might be at a higher risk of infection if they do not operate immediately. On the flip side, a younger patient, might want to try a different approach before undergoing a major surgical procedure. It’s important to know your options, to learn how surgery is going to affect you, and to figure out if it is the right approach for your treatment. 

It begins with an evaluation and talking to the best surgeon in LA. If you are suffering from back pain, visit to schedule your consultation. Here you can also find out more about surgery, you can learn about the surgeon, the team, and the different methods there are to repair your back and address your pain. No two patients are alike, therefore the approach the surgical team will take is going to differ in each case. 

Whether the pain has become too great or you just want to learn about alternatives to surgery, you’ll have to work with a specialist in spinal surgery and treatment. This is just what you’re going to get when you work with this LA-based surgeon. So, whether you have questions or want to learn more about surgery, visit the site today. Or, if you are ready to schedule an office visit, you can also call the office or schedule online, to get the process underway and learn about the best approach for treating your back pain.