How To Find A Facial Cosmetic Surgeon?

If you are considering facial cosmetic surgery. Picking the right surgeon is the best decision you can possibly make. Here at, we share some tips on how you can find the right surgeon such that you get your desired results.

Experience and board certification

Before anything, make sure that all your facial cosmetic surgeon candidates have experience and board certification. This is the first step to distinguishing between who is ideal and who is not. Neither of these things can guarantee that you will have an excellent surgeon. However, a board-certified and experienced facial plastic surgeon is safer to use. When a facial cosmetic surgeon is board-certified, it means that they have the basic training, graduated from a credible medical school, went through safety training, took written and oral boards, and lastly, have a few years of experience in facial surgery. Getting board certified in plastic surgery is not an easy process.


In your family, friends, and work circle, it is possible that there is someone who knows a good facial plastic surgeon. Ask for recommendations from your network. It is always safer to trust a facial plastic surgeon if someone you know can vouch for the quality of their services.

Web search

A quick web search of facial plastic surgeons in your geographical location will bring up tons of clinics and surgeons. How do you sift through all of them to find the right one for you? Well, check out those on the first page of Google. Examine their websites thoroughly. Look for a banner showing certification. Check out their testimonials, and other significant details like the clinic location says

Reviews and references

Online reviews are also a great source of information. So do check out online reviews about the surgeons you are considering. However, online reviews should not be sorely depended on because they can be faked. Also, do not forget to ask for references from your candidates. When you get the references, make it a point to exercise your due diligence. Contact the references to confirm that they were satisfied with the surgeon’s work.

Visit the surgeon

It is paramount that you have a one on one sit down with your potential facial plastic surgeon to discuss your needs. Take note of whether they are listening to you and understand your needs and goals. It is very important that you and your potential surgeon get along and understand each other.

Finding the right surgeon is not by any means easy. However, it is not impossible either. For the best results, take your time and do not rush the process. The right surgeon will be worth all the effort and patience.