How to Choose a Matte Lipstick

Matte lips always look chic and sophisticated. Here’s how to choose a no-shine lipstick that will make you sparkle.

Liquid vs. bullet

It sounds like a superhero showdown, but it’s way more interesting than that. Basically, there are two types of matte lipstick.

Traditional lipsticks, the actual sticks that come in bullet-shaped cases, have been around since 1915. Liquid lipsticks are a more recent trend. The intensely pigmented liquid dries to a matte finish on the lips.

Bullet lipsticks are easier to apply and remove, but their hues are not as strong. Liquid lipsticks have great color and staying power, but they can be drying and time-consuming.

Watch your tone

Before you choose your Dose of Colors lipsticks, you have to learn your own color. Have you ever wondered why certain hues look amazing on you and others wash you out?

Blame your undertones. Suntans and acne come and go, but your skin’s undertones never change. Beauty experts agree that there are “cool” and “warm” undertones. Your skin color doesn’t determine your undertone temperature. But a few things do:

YOUR VEINS: If your veins appear blue or purple, you have cool undertones. If they look greenish, you’re warm.

YOUR FAVORITE CLOTHES: If you look your best in beiges and browns, you’re probably warm. If you prefer black. gray and white, you’re cool. The same goes for gold and silver jewelry, respectively.

THE PAPER TEST: Find a blank piece of white paper. Hold it up next to your face in the mirror. Does your skin look rosy in comparison? Cool. Is it more yellowish? Warm all the way.

If your results are inconclusive, you likely have neutral undertones–the best of both worlds!

Hues to choose

If you have warm undertones, you’ll look stunning in shades that have a yellow base. Blue based shades pop against cool-toned skin. When it comes to lipstick, there are certain colors we should all have.

REDS: Everyone needs a show-stopping, head-turning red lipstick. Warm-toned beauties, look for brick reds and vibrant poppy shades. Cool girls, try a red with hints of pink or purple, like raspberry or burgundy.

PINKS: Matte pink lips are fresh and feminine. A warm pink will be peachy, like coral or salmon. For cool pinks, think of magenta and orchid shades.

NUDES: You can wear a crisp nude matte lip every day. But it shouldn’t be the exact color of your face. Pick a hue that’s slightly darker and pinker than your actual skin.

EVERYTHING ELSE: Don’t confine yourself to the classics. Warm tones, go crazy with teals, plums and golds. Cools, don’t be scared to rock indigo, jade, and even gray on your pout.

Before you go spending your grocery money on Dose of Colors lipsticks, remember that all makeup expires. So it’s important to choose matte colors that you’ll actually love. Try a tester on your lips–not just your hand!–before buying.