Finding The Right Tax Attroney For Your Need

Whether you work is as an individual, own a business, or are part of an organization, you’re sure to be involved in the payment of taxes to local, state, or federal authorities. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, and is often quoted, ‘nothing is certain except death and taxes.’ So, what about taxation lawyers, are they one of life’s certainties? What exactly is the function of a taxation specialist, and why may you be needing one?

The role of a taxation attorney is to assist clients with any legal issues arising from or pertaining to taxation law. As taxation law comprises a complex web of federal, state, and local rights and responsibilities that is constantly evolving, it requires the assistance of a certified and experienced legal advocate to negotiate. A tax law attorney is your personal navigator whose role is it to ensure you understand and comply with all relevant laws, and to limit your exposure to any potential tax liabilities.

Common focus areas of tax attorneys include tax audits, audit appeals, back taxes, and failures to report on foreign bank accounts. The right taxation lawyer for you is one dedicated to protecting your assets and providing effective representation in any court litigation arising from disputes with the IRS or other tax authorities.

Many taxation lawyers are also certified public accountants familiar with all audit, review, planning, and preparation processes associated with the filing of personal income and business tax. They work to limit a client’s exposure to any tax liabilities and advocate in tax disputes with the IRS or other governmental agencies. Finding a tax attorney who has accompanying knowledge and experience as a CPA should further strengthen their ability to provide you with expert legal guidance and a successful taxation outcome. Choosing the right legal taxation representation for you is an essential part of the process.

Dallo Law Group is a boutique taxation law firm that assists clients in and around San Diego with all their taxation legal needs. The firm’s team of attorneys are also certified public accountants with extensive experience negotiating and litigating in all areas of taxation law. The firm provides key services in tax debt resolution, tax audit defense, payroll and sales tax resolution, and tax preparer defense. Dallo Law Group also handles tax appeals, criminal tax defense, offshore bank accounts, innocent spouse relief, and unfiled tax returns. Visit to arrange a free initial consultation today.